Enagic Kangenwater - "Anti-inflammatory Water"

A large part of the value of Enagic Kangenwater in the field of preventive medicine and health care comes from anti-inflammatory properties, mainly due to its rich active hydrogen. There are also many reports that active hydrogen has a preventive and soothing effect on various inflammations.


Enagic Kangenwater can prevent arthritis
In 2012, Fukuoka researcher Toru Ishibashi and others conducted clinical human trials using the DAS28 scores disease activity assessment system to observe the degree of 28 joints and C-reactive protein to measure the dose of 900 ml of Enagic Kangenwater for 4 to 12 weeks. Whether it can alleviate the condition of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the results show that the DAS28 scores have a significant downward trend. Studies have shown that hydrogen molecules can reduce inflammatory factors, alleviate immune responses, and thus improve the inflammatory condition of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


Enagic Kangenwater can soothe dermatitis
In 2013, Osaka University of Physical Medicine in Japan targeted the ischemic inflammation of the skin caused by prolonged bed rest: acne, treated with hydrogen-rich Enagic Kangenwater, which was administered by a stomach tube with 
Enagic Kangenwater, 600 ml per day, subject 22 people, aged 71-101 years old, had 12 patients with ideal therapeutic effects (negative reduction rate of 91.4%, far greater than 48.6% of non-users), and 10 others had improved results. This study directly demonstrates that once a day (600 ml) of hydrogen water intake, it can improve the skin wound healing ability of the elderly.

At the same time, Yonsei University of South Korea explored the therapeutic mechanism of 
Enagic Kangenwater in a mouse model that induces specific dermatitis. Hydrogen molecules induce the induction of cytokines IL-10, TNF-α, IL-12p70, and GM-CSF. Further, the symptoms of allergic specific dermatitis are improved.

In 2015, researchers at Zhejiang University published a treatment of hydrogen-containing physiological saline in a scalded rat model. The results showed that the apoptotic factors and inflammatory factors of the skin tissue of the group using hydrogen water were significantly Kangen. This result shows that hydrogen molecules prevent the process of initial burn inflammation. In the same year, the Military General Hospital of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, also published the potential of hydrogen-containing physiological saline to resuscitate patients with severe burns. This study used a model of severely burned rats to give hydrogen-containing physiological saline, compared to the control group. The hydrogen water group reduces the inflammatory response by reducing the activation of NFκB (inflammatory transcription factor) and shortens the recovery time of rats after severe burns.
When there is various inflammations in the body, it seems that we only have the choice of taking anti-inflammatory drugs, but at the same time we all know that anti-inflammatory drugs are not a good thing. Then at this time, we suggest that you may wish to try 
Enagic Kangenwater, a natural anti-inflammatory water with no side effects, as long as you insist on drinking every day, it will definitely help!



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