Enagic Kangenwater - a scientific way to keep health

In the field of health care, we only learned about TCM health care, health products and sports, and Enagic Kangenwater is a relatively new way. Everyone has more or less doubts. The following is a summary of several issues that we have been asked for in the past 10 years:
What is Enagic Kangenwater water?
Kangen water is a hydrogen-containing drinking water made by filtering the source water through Enagic Kangenwater machine and then performing electrolytic separation technology. We must first understand that the "hydrogen" here is not a hydrogen atom or a negative hydrogen ion, but a "hydrogen molecule". Since hydrogen molecules are gaseous at normal temperature and pressure, hydrogen molecules are actually well-known hydrogen; as for hydrogen Water is water containing hydrogen in water, and some people call it water or hydrogen-rich water.

Hydrogen here refers to "hydrogen molecules", which we often call "hydrogen", not hydrogen atoms, not negative hydrogen ions.
How does Enagic Kangenwater help our health?
The help of Enagic Kangenwater for our health began in the paper published in 2007 by Professor Daisuke Oda of the Japanese Medical University. "The hydrogen molecule has selective antioxidant properties." The so-called selective antioxidant is to remove excess from our body. Free radicals, while the mainstream medical opinion believes that free radicals are the culprit of our aging and chronic diseases, so we can achieve health and beauty effects by supplementing hydrogen in various ways!

Hydrogen molecules can remove the most toxic hydroxyl groups and turn them into harmless water for preventive and health care.
How to get Enagic Kangenwater?
After understanding the Enagic Kangenwater and efficacy, it is necessary to know how to take it? At present, more applications are made by electrolyzing water to produce hydrogen water, which is relatively safe and convenient and can be put into the consumer market. Therefore, various kinds of water ionizers have appeared on the market.
How to choose a water ionizer?
Before selecting the water ionizer, we need to know the principle of water production of the water ionizer: according to the principle of “electrochemistry” and “electrolysis”, titanium white gold (platinum) or other alloy material is used as the electrode plate of the electrolytic cell. Dialysis and separation of ceramic ion separation membranes. An aqueous solution in which a hydrated cation is dissolved can be prepared in the negative electrode of the electrode plate in the electrolytic cell, and is generally referred to as electrolytic alkaline ionized water. A strong acidic ion aqueous solution in which hypochlorite ions are dissolved can be prepared at the positive electrode of the electrode. According to the operation and function requirements, the number of plates of the electrode plates (or the total area of ​​the electrode plates) has been developed to have "3 poles", "5 poles", "7 poles" or even "12 poles".
Therefore, several parameters to judge the quality of the electrolysis machine are: 1, pH range; 2, electrode plate; 3, ORP index.

We use the Enagic Kangenwater Machine as a reference:
Enagic Kangenwater Machine can generate 7 kinds of pH values, which are divided into five categories: weakly alkaline Kangen water with health and anti-aging function (pH 8.5-9.5); suitable for brewing milk powder and baby drinking -neutral pure water ( pH7.0); weak acid beauty water (pH6.0) for daily skin and skin cleansing; strong acid water (pH2.5) with disinfection and no side effects; remove pesticide residues and chemical additives in 10 seconds Strong alkaline water (pH 11.5).
Enagic Kangenwater Machine’s Electrode Plate is made of medical grade titanium-plated platinum and is safe and durable. Different models have different electrode plate stages. Take the most popular model, SD501, as an example. It has a 7-stage electrode plate with a total area of ​​1536cm2, and this area is the most in the electrolysis machine industry.
ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is an indicator for comparing the antioxidant capacity of different substances. The larger the negative ORP value, the higher the antioxidant capacity. Generally, the ORP of water converted from a water ionizer is generally between +100 mV and -100 mV, and the ORP of the Kangen Water converted by the Enagic Kangenwater Machine can reach -400 mV or less, and the antioxidant capacity is significantly higher. Kangen Water is also the only water on earth that has the highest ORP of -400 and has the highest antioxidant properties.

Relationship between cell area and ORP value
1000cm2 or less: After about 1 year of use, the ORP value of the electrolyzed water will decrease.
1000cm2 or more: ORP value of electrolyzed water is stable for a long time
For the emergence of new things, everyone will have a certain rejection or a skeptical attitude. We hope that this article will eliminate your doubts and give you a better understanding of Enagic Kangenwater and its benefits to our body. Because it is a new way of health maintenance that is simpler than TCM health care, easier to obtain than health care products, and more convenient than exercise!



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